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Dysthymia is a kind of ranitidine pills, which is much easier compared to the classic, endogenous depression. Dysthymia in its distribution significantly exceeds many pathologies, which in turn leads to disability problems, taking away potentially working individuals. It is characteristic that this disorder is spreading more and more, which is associated with the mode of life of individuals. It is believed that the motor-mental load and work mode can lead to a latent course of this disorder, complicating the diagnosis. For such pathologies, their early detection is very important, which contributes to the exclusion of complications.

Chronic dysthymia is the typical course of this disorder. It tends to be mild, but it drags on for a long time. It is characteristic that the disease lasts for at least two years, because its course is shallow and hidden, leading to a crumpled symptomatology. The very name "dysthymia" was first used by Spitzer, who was trying to replace this term with a completely different group of disorders. neurasthenia, anda general kind of psychasthenia. According to CIS data, about 20% of individuals after adulthood at least once suffered from this kind of disorder. This is very depressing, given the working age of people who are affected by the disease. But compared to clinical depression, this pathology is much less disabling, but dysthymia is more dangerous for the somatic side, and also paralyzes the mental and psychic sides. All this limits the life of the individual, and very significantly.

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The occurrence of this pathology is more common in adolescence and even in childhood. In children, it occurs more due to family influence, and in adolescents due to the trials of school age. Women are prone to dysthymia, which is associated with hormonal changes. Dysthymia is rarely diagnosed immediately, this is due to the blurring of symptoms. Adults most often do not pay attention to the symptoms, dumping it on the characterological features of the individual. The diagnosis of this pathology is very hidden in the presence of another pathology, because. it is often covered by other symptoms, so it is very difficult to detect additional symptoms. Chronic dysthymia is diagnosed more often when other symptoms overlap. Hysterical dysthymia also occurs in this type of individuals, which is associated with both personality type and upbringing. This disease is not able to stay in one place for a long time, gradually progressing. If the pathology progresses to buy ranitidine online, then the course is considered unfavorable. Then relapses become more frequent, increasing the number of symptoms.

An individual prone to dysthymia is characterized by a multiple clinic, the symptoms multiply, combining many complex syndromes. Examination also demonstrates the presence of organic ailments, and in most people with dysthymia. Often this pathology is combined with anxiety and phobic disorders. There may also be conversion, that is, hysterical disorders. Somatic and narcotic diseases are also combined with dysthymia. Dysthymia has several classification categories. Somatized dysthymia includes characteristic complaints. general negative health with somatic complaints, while vegetatives with gastrointestinal disorders are connected. Complaints are not characteristic of a somatic nature directly, but are somewhat pretentious with interesting formations, i.e. it will drill in the head, cut the stomach and the like. Characterological dysthymia is observed in individuals with certain constitutional features, it is especially characteristic of depressive and suspicious persons.

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Chronic dysthymia has a wide variety of causes, although they are often quite minor. Individuals with a huge array of zantac pills and stressors are most susceptible to dysthymia. Chronic somatopathology also has a negative effect. Neurotic personality and pathological upbringing also play a role, especially in the constitutional form. Even the mode of life contributes to the development of pathology.

The expressiveness of the symptoms of dysthymia never exceeds depressive, but still there is some similarity in them. It is characteristic that such individuals are very pessimistic and irritable, often hypocrisy and excessive anxiety are manifested in their character. Spleen visits them not only on rainy days, but constantly, even on vacation. Such persons are almost always decadent and exhausted, and this, of course, affects all aspects of life. Sadness and depression are also always next to such personalities.

They are often given useless thoughts about the meaninglessness of their existence. Often, panic attacks are connected to order zantac pills. Individuals become lazy and lethargic, unwilling to make even the slightest effort in life. In addition, their self-esteem is extremely low and entails a sense of failure in life. At the same time, they see the future and the past as extremely pessimistic and the present is not much different for them, everything looks like a merged gray mass of everyday life, which does not create a positive charge at all.